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Why I Prefer Induction Cooktops Around My Pet Cats

Every one of us has our apprehensive about how and what exactly to do to take care of pet cats. Well I am already presuming you to be a cat lover. If you already own a pussycat, you will know how they love warm places. And in their search for warmth and comfort, they tend to climb up and snuggle on the cooking zone. And however much it alarms us, they always seem to find their way without our noticing. What if the burner surface was scorching hot and your pussy cat only had to bawl out after stepping in? And worst still, what if it was a newly born kitten that gets its tiny paws get the blistering heat? That would piteously tragic, won’t it?


My Worries

Ever since our cat had a couple of excited kittens, I had not stopped worrying about having them get hurt while playing. They were too adorably naughty. Once they were about two weeks they leaping, pouncing; exploring every nook and corner inside the house. Especially when in the kitchen; one moment I quite jumped with panic seeing our mother cat walked coolly over the electric cooktop along with the kittens, only to sit back relieved to find the cooktop surface had cooled down enough. But, ever since that day I decided to leave the cooktop covered always but how much longer could I keep that up I was not sure.

Well I understand very well that kittens learn to be agile by playing but, how was I to trust them not to stay away from a hot cooktop surface. What with the kittens mistaking even their mirror reflections for their playmates (could have been the same case even with our Tomcat only they were a little more sober with age now). None of us would have the fate of the kittens left to chance anyway.

My Solution

induction cooking

That’s why I decided to make a smarter choice and install an induction cooktop, never to risk blistering the tiny paws of the kittens. It did prove to be safer even for the kids and no more chances of hazards to any of those adorable yet restless kittens and grumpy daddy and mummy cats.

Because induction technology ensures that the cooktop surface other than the area in contact with the cookware bottom remains cool to touch, even when it is cooking. In fact it is the cookware that is induced to heat up rather than the burner surface of the induction cooktop that transfers heat to the cookware, so the induction surface hardly retains heat, even right after you lift the cooking pan from the burner. The induction cooktop remains cool to touch almost entirely. If you’re new to induction cooking I suggest reading induction cooktop reviews before buying.

If you’re new to Induction cooking I’d suggest trying first with double or single single burner Induction cooktop. Portable cooktops are handy and less expensive, a great choice for beginners.

Perhaps the kitchen would be devoid of much of the warmth that comes from cooking. And if in case your place get cold like mine, it may be a good idea to get a cozy fire hearth instead.

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