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Which Kitten-Like Purr Would You Choose For Your Pet?

Cats are such sweet kitties and yet some people seem to have absurd ideas about them. Considered evil and yet how is it that pussycats look for warm affection from us, how come they expect affection from us. Is it not reasonable therefore to dismiss such a totally unfair attitude towards one of the most homely and loyal species we have? Besides, cats are far from delicate and more agile than almost all other pet animals. And evidently they prove to be one best friend when lonely. So if you are on the lookout for a pet, why not let it be a cat! And here’s a perfect time to make your choice of your cuddly friend.

Most Friendly Cat-Breeds

Cats being very sociable are all lovable and yet each breed has its own typical feline cuteness. Let us list a few of the breeds that could get most attached to you. Well, this is perhaps a way to find out which cat personality best suits your personality. After all it’s your personal pet.

1.     Sphynx

This is one rare cat breed and there seems to have developed a certain hype about it recently, strange as they may appear at first sight. Was it rude or adorable I cannot say, but I was amused when a friend of mine commented on seeing a Sphynx, what he would not do to have a smooth beard line like the cat, and I had replied he would need a posh electric shaver to get such a smooth shave.

The hype, I suppose was well deserved. This cat will give you no space to feel lonesome because it specializes in keeping you engaged, going out of its way to get your attention. They are the sweetest natured cats. With smooth furless hide that makes it difficult to stay warm, it does need you and they love to be cuddled just about any time, yes it will never tire of companionship.

Note that unlike other exotic cat breeds, this one is very homely and it would probably be a rare case.

2.     Maine Coon

This is one cute breed of cat that gets along with just about any companion; such an attractive personality yes. And what is more, it is so playful and adjustable just about anywhere. If you are out on the road a lot, this could be one perfect pet for you. It has the most adorable way of frequently showing affection, hardly leaving your side.

3.     Manx

The tailless kit with its exceptional interest for socializing; quick and bright, they will be more than excited whenever you give attention or gift it new toys. They are smart enough not to leave you bored any day. And always lively and dedicated to you, you can be sure it appreciates any time cuddle it.

4.     Birmanmaine-coon-cats-and-kittens-1

This cat has a pleasant balance you between affection and playfulness, not overly excited or dull any time of the day. They are great around children too. it has no problem welcoming new guests either. So if you have a packed family in the house, this could be one perfect choice to warm your home with its presence. Very homely but rarely demands cuddling, it does know how to occupy itself while you are busy with all your chores. And when things are calm, all you can do is acknowledge it with a warm head scratch.

5.     Ragdolls

Known for their submissive limp body when petted, they love all the attention. With kitten like demeanor, these breed is popular among those who have just one room apartments. The make perfect pets for them exactly because these cats don’t have the habit of exploring every nook and corner, inside-out; they usually stay put in the room.

6.     Somali

Lilac Somali cat with hazel eyes and tufted toes, lying down

The Somali breed is an affectionately possessive type of pet who don’t like to share you with any other pet. The bonding is strong in that way. Adorable, furry and agile, this breed is usually the type that owners can enjoy tricky games for they have high energy level.


Siamese, Burmese, Russian Blue and Persian cat are some of my other personal favorite pussycat choices for my home. Well, I am sure you must make a confident choice when you adopt a kitten this time. Go get your pet cat that is meant to be a dedicated pet in whatever situation you live in.

In case you adopt a kitten too young, you may also want to check out the first few things to know about a new born kitten.

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