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Important Tips For Shaving or Grooming Cat’s Hair


I love cats and my little daughter is fond of playing with our beautiful Manx cats. We call them Cutety and Sweetty. Cutety has a white hair and Sweetty has a grey hair. My daughter has the habit of pulling the cat’s hair whenever she plays with the cats in our living room. She loves to sleep with the cats around her.

One day, she pulls the cat’s hair so strongly that the cat’s fur was all over the floor making our room messy and untidy. That’s when I decided to shave the cat’s hair for a new look and for a change.

Regular grooming and bathing will surely prevent your cats from an unpleasant smell and this will also help to avoid spreading various complaints and other inconveniences.

Useful Tips For Shaving Cat to Get Rid of Flea

There are various procedures, system and a guideline for shaving cat’s hair as per cat grooming tips from experts. However, the below listed tips are some of my experiences in shaving our cat’s hair personally.

Firstly, before you begin to shave the cat’s hair make a point to keep all the necessary tools, devices and the place fully ready for shaving.

The following tools or grooming kits will be required for a successful shaving.

Pair of gloves, clipper or electric shaver or trimmer, comb and scissor, cleaning brush, shaving soap or gel, water, dry & wet clothes or towel etc and a garbage bin for keeping the area neat and clean while shaving.

There are different types of clippers available for shaving or trimming. Choose reliable and if possible the quietest clipper to avoid noise irritation. You can also choose electric shaver for that matter. Foil electric shavers will be better than the rotary type shaver. For example, Braun 3series 380S-4 wet and dry shaver will be great if the price is not an issue for you. If not you can also choose other models. Panasonic and Remington also produced some of the best foil shavers.

If you are comfortable with razor blade, you can also use the standard razor shavers because this will work manually without making any noise while shaving. If not, you can also choose any other electric shavers or trimmers which you are highly efficient for trimming and shaving any types of hairs. Click here to check out various types of electric shavers and trimmers for different purposes.


Secondly, try to make the cat friendly, relax and comfortable for the process, this will avoid frightening the cats when you suddenly begin to shave without making them aware of it. It will surely help you and the cat to comfortably and successfully complete the process of shaving or grooming.

The trick to shave your pet without too much trouble is to keep the animal calm by shaving slowly. The calmer you are for the action, the calmer and more cooperative your cat will be. Take your time and do not hurry up. The better you prepare the faster and easier will be for shaving.

Thirdly, check if the cat has a long and sharp nails. If yes, trim or cut the nails or clip her claws so that you will be protected from scratches and cuts when the cat resists or move to avoid shaving.

It’s very important to hold the cat gently, but firmly so that they will not move and create other problems in the process. They will definitely try to defend themselves from shaving, but you have to be careful and protective.


Fourthly, it is always advisable to start shaving from the top to the bottom and not randomly. Go step by step, do not mess up. It is possible that you may not be able to continue because the cat may get irritated and you may have to take a break and shave the next day. So, do avoid such inconveniences its better you complete one by one. As far as possible do not shave off the tail, the reason being it will take longer time for the tail to grow once it is shaved.

Fifthly, be gentle is using the clipper or shaver because cats usually have a very flexible, soft and pliable skin. So it can easily get hurt or cut when used carelessly. Moreover, do not apply too much force in shaving. You don’t want to but their skin, so go slow. If needed take a break, feed and calm down your cat.

Every exotic breed of cats are unique and different from one another. Every cats are not the same, some will resist hard and some quite obedient. Therefore, depending on the type of cats that you have, you will have to make the needful adjustment for the same.

Shaving your cat’s hair can be for various reasons such as sanitary reason, or for shedding and heats, skin irritation, or there might be other reasons for shaving. However, regular grooming, cleaning and shaving is very important for the health and wellbeing of the cat. Hope the above tips will help you to get the best shave for your cat whenever they needed.

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