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Why I Prefer Induction Cooktops Around My Pet Cats

Every one of us has our apprehensive about how and what exactly to do to take care of pet cats. Well I am already presuming you to be a cat lover. If you already own a pussycat, you will know how they love warm places. And in their search for warmth and comfort, they tend to climb up and snuggle on the cooking zone. And however much it alarms us, they always seem to find their way without our noticing. What if the burner surface was scorching hot and your pussy cat only had to bawl out after stepping in? And worst still, what if it was a newly born kitten that gets its tiny paws get the blistering heat? That would piteously tragic, won’t it?


My Worries

Ever since our cat had a couple of excited kittens, I had not stopped worrying about having them get hurt while playing. They were too adorably naughty. Once they were about two weeks they leaping, pouncing; exploring every nook and corner inside the house. Especially when in the kitchen; one moment I quite jumped with panic seeing our mother cat walked coolly over the electric cooktop along with the kittens, only to sit back relieved to find the cooktop surface had cooled down enough. But, ever since that day I decided to leave the cooktop covered always but how much longer could I keep that up I was not sure.

Well I understand very well that kittens learn to be agile by playing but, how was I to trust them not to stay away from a hot cooktop surface. What with the kittens mistaking even their mirror reflections for their playmates (could have been the same case even with our Tomcat only they were a little more sober with age now). None of us would have the fate of the kittens left to chance anyway.

My Solution

induction cooking

That’s why I decided to make a smarter choice and install an induction cooktop, never to risk blistering the tiny paws of the kittens. It did prove to be safer even for the kids and no more chances of hazards to any of those adorable yet restless kittens and grumpy daddy and mummy cats.

Because induction technology ensures that the cooktop surface other than the area in contact with the cookware bottom remains cool to touch, even when it is cooking. In fact it is the cookware that is induced to heat up rather than the burner surface of the induction cooktop that transfers heat to the cookware, so the induction surface hardly retains heat, even right after you lift the cooking pan from the burner. The induction cooktop remains cool to touch almost entirely. If you’re new to induction cooking I suggest reading induction cooktop reviews before buying.

If you’re new to Induction cooking I’d suggest trying first with double or single single burner Induction cooktop. Portable cooktops are handy and less expensive, a great choice for beginners.

Perhaps the kitchen would be devoid of much of the warmth that comes from cooking. And if in case your place get cold like mine, it may be a good idea to get a cozy fire hearth instead.

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The First Few Things to Know About a New Born Kitten

Newborn-kitten.Unlike wild cubs, young ones of domestic cats are affectionately called kitty, kitty cat or kittens. A kitten is a juvenile house cat. After being born, kittens are totally dependent on their mother for survival and do not normally open their eyes until after seven to ten days. After a week or two, kittens quickly develop & begin to explore things outside its den. Domestic kittens are highly social animals and enjoy human companionship.

Some Essential Kitten facts

Though it is best that the mother takes care of the kittens to provide them proper nutrition and antibodies required it is beneficial to know essential kitten basics. And if you have a litter of new born kitten and a situation where they get orphaned, here are some facts to help you understand and care for them.

  • New born kittens will open their eyes only after 7 to 10 days after birth. Usually the mother will keep her kittens hidden away from sight, until she thinks they are ready to come out and face the world.

Note: Unable to defecate or urinate without stimulation from mother, the mother’s tending is very essential in the early days of a kitten. Improper tending, lack of physical stimulation can lead to a fatal situations.

  • Kittens need warmth and high requirement of fluids to help fend them from infectious diseases like hypothermia. It is important to keep always maintain the temperature not less than 27°C.
  • Kittens are unable to see like adults until about 10 weeks because their retina takes time to develop.
  • Between two weeks to seven weeks, kittens will develop most quickly.
  • Their play-fight improves their coordination and strength. It is also a way of exploring the world outside the den with their mates. Hunting and stalking techniques learnt while playing games.
  • They learn to clean themselves and also face its prey as the supposed mother brings prey that is alive to the den. They have innate ability as predators as well.
  • The kittens can be fed with cat milk replacement rather than cow milk until they are weaned and can eat solid food. They will develop their complete set of adult teeth by 9 months.
  • They will lose their baby teeth only by 4 months. But it is also important to keep the animals to suckle from time to time until from mother. Weaning is usually completed by 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Kittens are highly interactive and need to spend their waking hours interacting with play-mates and other animals.
  • Kittens like to hide in dark places – a clue to their hiding place when cannot find one is therefore warm and dark places.
  • Kittens only reach full maturity or adulthood in a year.
  • It is wise to worm kittens against roundworms by about 4 weeks of age.

For a Pet Lover Who is Considering Adoption

Kittens are delicate when they are very young and also most adorable indeed. If you are up for adoption, bear in mind, human reared kittens are surely more complicated and they may be underweight depending on how early they were orphaned by their mother. Due to lack of antibodies, they even have health issues later, even heart conditions and more susceptible to infections. But having said all these, nursing a new born kitten is quite rewarding as you learn to care for it in the proper way, the kitten will learn to be more affectionate wit humans. Besides you can always seek medical care even though they are more susceptible to infections; there are a good many antibiotics that is good to go.

I tell you, having to go through all the trouble of tending and immunizing the cat, it is an undeniably lovable sight to see your kitten puzzle over a mirror reflection of its own every now and then.

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Me and My Furry Friends; A Typical Cat House

This is about a fun house of cats that I frequently visit at a local resident. A house that is an absolute delight for cat lovers; it has 11 species of cats. I know the cat family has over 37 species in all but think of it; the house would be far less relaxing and enjoyable with the likes of tigers and lions and leopards and jaguars. It would perhaps be amazing and terrifying at the same time. So all the talk about domestic cats, their queer little behaviors and cuddly cuteness as pets is what fills the conversation of the visitors in the cat world.


It was all About How the Cats Enjoyed their Home

And the cats, peculiar as they are, leap around teaching the kittens hunting techniques in their plays. Other times the feline cats do the catlike moves, the kittens snuggle, and of course, the old chaps laze around the soft carpeted corners and warm cushioned dens. The whole room in a vast assortment of cat coat colors and mixture of hues. The spectators cannot but watched with mesmerized looks.

Mysteriously enough the mistress is just an ordinary woman who can house as many as 52 cats including their kittens in one room. Well she sure seems more like an extraordinary woman, doesn’t she? I bet half of them were stray cats she picked from the street. And now she fills her room with catnips and has happy housecats that fill every edge of her room — reminds me of a mythical based cat movie like Catwoman.

Well maintained Cat Habit

Kittens Playing

Kittens Playing

As I inspected, I told myself this is one perfect cat cradle; the safest I could imagine for them. She had installed a whole set of sophisticated kitchen just for the maintenance of the cats; making the room beautiful as well as comfortable. It was always a soothing experience with soft music always playing on the background. It was amusing to see all the cute pussy cats enjoying the music as they drowsed on. The lady admitted to having left the cats all by themselves taking catnaps feeling her presence only by playing her voice on her Braven Brv-X bluetooth speaker on several occasions.

And anyone up for a fancy cat can have any of the stylish cats who like being pampered and groomed with lush food and clothing. All these cats had what they liked most, clean warm places to snuggle and rich warm milk to keep them content the whole day in the house. And yet the place had a luxurious sight, fluffy and no dirt spilled anywhere. Cats are normally well maintained anyway. There is always one cat among the whole bunch licking its own pretty coat to keep clean.

Probably one of the reasons I loved visiting them so much, these adorable cats always mew in their adorable way imploring to be patted and cuddled. The green cat eyes in spite of what people may say about the jealous attribute of the color are of such delightful shades. And be it any day, these furry friends always greet me fondly.

And that is why, one fine day when this remarkable lady had to make a sad decision to move away, the whole clowder was handed down to me. And lo! What a treasured variety of cats I have inherited!

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One Exotic Cat Breed For The Pet Lover; The Egyptian Maus

Egyptian Maus is a small to medium sized and short-haired cat breed. Among domesticated cats, naturally spotted ones are very few, and the Egyptian Maus is one of the rare breeds. The Mau occurs to have spots on the tips of their coat hairs. They come in 5 color variations; silver, smoke, bronze, blue and black. They have strong muscular bodies with a good length of their hind legs that makes them the fastest running cat among domestic cats at the speed of over 30 mph.

Exotic Origin

The Egyptian Maus are believed to have been originally domesticated by Egyptians in olden days. Some believed it was such a valued breed of cat that was so rare, some were even mummified. Legend has it that Egyptian Maus were used as messengers by the Egyptian Goddess, Bast. Beside, being a fast runner, the Egyptian Maus has certain other attributes only fit for a goddess.

Perhaps it is the differences in metabolic, anatomical and behavioral natures from other domestic cats that make them unique and a breed considered as antique. Egyptian Maus do have marked differences from other domestic cat breeds; their hind legs are longer than their front legs. Besides they have a unique skin fold under its belly which only resembles that of cheetahs. It is their typically slender physic as well as these that assist in stretching farther and running  faster.

Special Traits

We love the striking musical voice that the Egyptian Maus has; they can chortle, chirp or emit distinctly unusual vocals. There is also the adorable “wiggle tail” both male and female are known to twitch their tail when they are happy or blissful. This joyous expression with its little dance is an absolute delight to any owner.

And what is more delightful their eye color which is strictly green; the shade may change from green to turquoise with change of mood. Kittens before 18 months old may have amber colored eyes but all adult Maus’ eyes are essentially green.




Affectionate Pet Habits

Maus are especially very friendly and what is most special, they are a breed known for being loyal. More sensitive than most other breeds, Maus are notably very fond of warm temperature.

Maus are a relatively rare breed and their numbers are increasingly on the wane. As the number of registered domestication decrease with the passing of years, breeding has pertinently come into being. Moreover, a number of organizations like the EMRO (Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization) have taken initiatives as agencies for adoption, also providing awareness and informative education about this exotic breed.

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Which Kitten-Like Purr Would You Choose For Your Pet?

Cats are such sweet kitties and yet some people seem to have absurd ideas about them. Considered evil and yet how is it that pussycats look for warm affection from us, how come they expect affection from us. Is it not reasonable therefore to dismiss such a totally unfair attitude towards one of the most homely and loyal species we have? Besides, cats are far from delicate and more agile than almost all other pet animals. And evidently they prove to be one best friend when lonely. So if you are on the lookout for a pet, why not let it be a cat! And here’s a perfect time to make your choice of your cuddly friend.

Most Friendly Cat-Breeds

Cats being very sociable are all lovable and yet each breed has its own typical feline cuteness. Let us list a few of the breeds that could get most attached to you. Well, this is perhaps a way to find out which cat personality best suits your personality. After all it’s your personal pet.

1.     Sphynx

This is one rare cat breed and there seems to have developed a certain hype about it recently, strange as they may appear at first sight. Was it rude or adorable I cannot say, but I was amused when a friend of mine commented on seeing a Sphynx, what he would not do to have a smooth beard line like the cat, and I had replied he would need a posh electric shaver to get such a smooth shave.

The hype, I suppose was well deserved. This cat will give you no space to feel lonesome because it specializes in keeping you engaged, going out of its way to get your attention. They are the sweetest natured cats. With smooth furless hide that makes it difficult to stay warm, it does need you and they love to be cuddled just about any time, yes it will never tire of companionship.

Note that unlike other exotic cat breeds, this one is very homely and it would probably be a rare case.

2.     Maine Coon

This is one cute breed of cat that gets along with just about any companion; such an attractive personality yes. And what is more, it is so playful and adjustable just about anywhere. If you are out on the road a lot, this could be one perfect pet for you. It has the most adorable way of frequently showing affection, hardly leaving your side.

3.     Manx

The tailless kit with its exceptional interest for socializing; quick and bright, they will be more than excited whenever you give attention or gift it new toys. They are smart enough not to leave you bored any day. And always lively and dedicated to you, you can be sure it appreciates any time cuddle it.

4.     Birmanmaine-coon-cats-and-kittens-1

This cat has a pleasant balance you between affection and playfulness, not overly excited or dull any time of the day. They are great around children too. it has no problem welcoming new guests either. So if you have a packed family in the house, this could be one perfect choice to warm your home with its presence. Very homely but rarely demands cuddling, it does know how to occupy itself while you are busy with all your chores. And when things are calm, all you can do is acknowledge it with a warm head scratch.

5.     Ragdolls

Known for their submissive limp body when petted, they love all the attention. With kitten like demeanor, these breed is popular among those who have just one room apartments. The make perfect pets for them exactly because these cats don’t have the habit of exploring every nook and corner, inside-out; they usually stay put in the room.

6.     Somali

Lilac Somali cat with hazel eyes and tufted toes, lying down

The Somali breed is an affectionately possessive type of pet who don’t like to share you with any other pet. The bonding is strong in that way. Adorable, furry and agile, this breed is usually the type that owners can enjoy tricky games for they have high energy level.


Siamese, Burmese, Russian Blue and Persian cat are some of my other personal favorite pussycat choices for my home. Well, I am sure you must make a confident choice when you adopt a kitten this time. Go get your pet cat that is meant to be a dedicated pet in whatever situation you live in.

In case you adopt a kitten too young, you may also want to check out the first few things to know about a new born kitten.