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How Catlike is The ‘Catwoman’?

There are a number of myths that surround the idea of a cat. Something as absurd as cats possessing nine lives or, something ridiculous cats being associated with evil. Some still regard cats with a fearful attitude while some have part admiration for the idea of the agility cats are associated with. Catwoman is one of the renowned mythical characters that figure in many of the earlier comical figures. Originally featured as “the Cat” along with the comical character “batman”, Catwoman was traditionally an anti heroine, at one time depicted as an international thief too.

How Hollywood Indulge in Catwoman

But this time Hollywood was set to make it big. In 2004, Hollywood produced a superhero film called ‘Catwoman’, partly based on the fictional character on the DC Comics and partly viewing the traditional ‘the Cat’ as a historical figure. The leading character Patience, a fervent cat-lover drowns early in the movie and is mysteriously comes back to life with catlike abilities. The extraordinary cat who brings her back to life happens to be of Egyptian Mau breed who in the movie, was traced back having served as a messenger to Bast, the goddess in olden times. Patience then goes on to live a mysteriously exciting life – a new found freedom, managing to have her revenge even on her murderer of her first life.

The movie received widespread speculation from curious audiences about how a female counterpart of Batman would occur to be like. The biggest interest was in the character as ambiguous as ‘Catwoman’. With time, the popularity waned, the movie was also at one point branded one of the worst movies ever screened on TV. Of course a series of actresses have stared in the character of catwoman ever since.

The Typical Character of a Catwoman

Well talking of what the traditional catwoman is typical of, she was a supervillian, occasionally backing up good characters which is why the Batman character and Catwoman apparently seems to have a love-hate relationship. Moreover note that Catwoman is portrayed as a feline character in a series of comics and dressed in her typical catsuit, she has been considered as one of the ‘100 sexiest women in Comics’.

But basically the character Catwoman is all about agility that people associated with cats and the idea of evil strategies that cats were seemingly believed to possess. Quick reflexes, flexible body, Sharp eye sighted, a keen sense of smell and heightened hearing. Therefore the character of ‘Catwoman’ is most prominently associated with an ambiguous nature such as a divisive thief that sometimes helps out in good causes as well.


The catwoman is one character that has entertained many and delighted many young comic readers as well as action movie enthusiasts. With animated movies that are ever more refined and improved in time, the character has a prospects good enough to gain popularity again, and could obviously make a headstart.