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Me and My Furry Friends; A Typical Cat House

This is about a fun house of cats that I frequently visit at a local resident. A house that is an absolute delight for cat lovers; it has 11 species of cats. I know the cat family has over 37 species in all but think of it; the house would be far less relaxing and enjoyable with the likes of tigers and lions and leopards and jaguars. It would perhaps be amazing and terrifying at the same time. So all the talk about domestic cats, their queer little behaviors and cuddly cuteness as pets is what fills the conversation of the visitors in the cat world.


It was all About How the Cats Enjoyed their Home

And the cats, peculiar as they are, leap around teaching the kittens hunting techniques in their plays. Other times the feline cats do the catlike moves, the kittens snuggle, and of course, the old chaps laze around the soft carpeted corners and warm cushioned dens. The whole room in a vast assortment of cat coat colors and mixture of hues. The spectators cannot but watched with mesmerized looks.

Mysteriously enough the mistress is just an ordinary woman who can house as many as 52 cats including their kittens in one room. Well she sure seems more like an extraordinary woman, doesn’t she? I bet half of them were stray cats she picked from the street. And now she fills her room with catnips and has happy housecats that fill every edge of her room — reminds me of a mythical based cat movie like Catwoman.

Well maintained Cat Habit

Kittens Playing

Kittens Playing

As I inspected, I told myself this is one perfect cat cradle; the safest I could imagine for them. She had installed a whole set of sophisticated kitchen just for the maintenance of the cats; making the room beautiful as well as comfortable. It was always a soothing experience with soft music always playing on the background. It was amusing to see all the cute pussy cats enjoying the music as they drowsed on. The lady admitted to having left the cats all by themselves taking catnaps feeling her presence only by playing her voice on her Braven Brv-X bluetooth speaker on several occasions.

And anyone up for a fancy cat can have any of the stylish cats who like being pampered and groomed with lush food and clothing. All these cats had what they liked most, clean warm places to snuggle and rich warm milk to keep them content the whole day in the house. And yet the place had a luxurious sight, fluffy and no dirt spilled anywhere. Cats are normally well maintained anyway. There is always one cat among the whole bunch licking its own pretty coat to keep clean.

Probably one of the reasons I loved visiting them so much, these adorable cats always mew in their adorable way imploring to be patted and cuddled. The green cat eyes in spite of what people may say about the jealous attribute of the color are of such delightful shades. And be it any day, these furry friends always greet me fondly.

And that is why, one fine day when this remarkable lady had to make a sad decision to move away, the whole clowder was handed down to me. And lo! What a treasured variety of cats I have inherited!