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One Exotic Cat Breed For The Pet Lover; The Egyptian Maus

Egyptian Maus is a small to medium sized and short-haired cat breed. Among domesticated cats, naturally spotted ones are very few, and the Egyptian Maus is one of the rare breeds. The Mau occurs to have spots on the tips of their coat hairs. They come in 5 color variations; silver, smoke, bronze, blue and black. They have strong muscular bodies with a good length of their hind legs that makes them the fastest running cat among domestic cats at the speed of over 30 mph.

Exotic Origin

The Egyptian Maus are believed to have been originally domesticated by Egyptians in olden days. Some believed it was such a valued breed of cat that was so rare, some were even mummified. Legend has it that Egyptian Maus were used as messengers by the Egyptian Goddess, Bast. Beside, being a fast runner, the Egyptian Maus has certain other attributes only fit for a goddess.

Perhaps it is the differences in metabolic, anatomical and behavioral natures from other domestic cats that make them unique and a breed considered as antique. Egyptian Maus do have marked differences from other domestic cat breeds; their hind legs are longer than their front legs. Besides they have a unique skin fold under its belly which only resembles that of cheetahs. It is their typically slender physic as well as these that assist in stretching farther and running  faster.

Special Traits

We love the striking musical voice that the Egyptian Maus has; they can chortle, chirp or emit distinctly unusual vocals. There is also the adorable “wiggle tail” both male and female are known to twitch their tail when they are happy or blissful. This joyous expression with its little dance is an absolute delight to any owner.

And what is more delightful their eye color which is strictly green; the shade may change from green to turquoise with change of mood. Kittens before 18 months old may have amber colored eyes but all adult Maus’ eyes are essentially green.




Affectionate Pet Habits

Maus are especially very friendly and what is most special, they are a breed known for being loyal. More sensitive than most other breeds, Maus are notably very fond of warm temperature.

Maus are a relatively rare breed and their numbers are increasingly on the wane. As the number of registered domestication decrease with the passing of years, breeding has pertinently come into being. Moreover, a number of organizations like the EMRO (Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization) have taken initiatives as agencies for adoption, also providing awareness and informative education about this exotic breed.